Create a World that you love, where you’re inspired to dream big!
Your bedroom is the number one place you go to escape from everyday life, your own space to relax, unwind, sleep and dream…

Miss Bettina was born out of a love for creative expression, and a passion for unapologetically bold print designs. With personally printed and stitched into each piece, I encourage you to create a personal sanctuary that’s a happy and inspiring space for dreams to grow. 

Along with a passion for creating statement designs, my team and I are committed to selecting quality fabrics and finishings. We use 100% cotton sateen, which is extra soft and gives a luxe finish to our bedding. From design to delivery, we keep YOU in mind, so that you can get the best sleep and above all, have the best dreams!

I hope you find that special quilt cover or cushion that truely speaks to you and makes those cozy moments in your room even more satisfying! And I’m always generating new ideas so you can be sure there’s something new to look forward to. Consider Miss Bettina your new destination for unique designer bedding.

Sweet Dreams,
Miss Bettina XO

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Proudly designed in Melbourne for big dreamers!